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Divine Construction & Co.

We always look for ways to make things possible. We strive to be a true partner and member of your team.

No job too big or too small, we'll do them all!

 High Quality Materials 

 Satisfaction Guaranteed

 Affordable Prices

As your partner, we strive for communication and honesty above all else. Our primary goal is to clearly understand the client's visions and needs, not to merely present our own. We value timeliness and direct communication, as well as face to face meetings. 


Wood Frame of House


Divine Construction & Co. can assist you with all your residential needs, from adding on to an existing house or renovating your current home; our team is here to walk you through each step of the process.

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From breaking ground doing the earthwork and utility work, concrete, steel, and all the way through finishes, we excel in bringing your project in on-time and on-budget. We have a fully integrated team ready and prepared to assist you with full construction services.

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At Divine Construction & Co., our team can help tear down and remove any unwanted structures, homes, or masonry on your property. We value our communities in Southern Louisiana and are committed to providing exceptional services.



Fill Out Our Form

Click on the "Get A Quote" button to tell us all about your project. You can attach pictures so that we can see what you see. Feel free to fill us in on your ideas for the project so that we can start visualizing the final product. 


Phone Consultation

Once we receive all the information about your project, we'll hop on the phone to talk more in depth about your project and what the rest of the process entails. 


On-Site Consultation

We'll schedule an on-site consultation where we will walk through the jobsite together and start planning the details of your project. Our on-site consultation is $100 and will go towards the cost of the final project. 


Project Proposal and Signing The Contract

Once we have all the details we need, we'll provide an estimate of the final cost of the project. Once we're on the same page, and you're comfortable with pricing, timeline, and design, we'll send you over the final proposal and contract to review and sign. You will receive a folder containing all the documents we've reviewed as well as a project checklist.


We Get To Work

After a final walkthrough, we will begin working to bring your vision to life. We will stay in communication with you throughout the project; answering any questions you may have. 


Post-Job Walkthrough

Once the project is complete, we'll walk you through the space so you can take a look at the final results. If there is anything that needs an additional touch-up, we will take care of it for you.


(985) 278-2204

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